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The Bible is God's word spoken to mankind. It shows us what God is like and what he requires of us. It shows us Jesus Christ and the way of salvation. For that reason the opening of 'The Book' is at the very centre of our worship. Our goal at SPC is to help people as best we can understand the Bible so that their faith is firmly in Jesus Christ alone and they can live lives of glorious hope. On this page you will find sermons preached in our church. Feel free to download and listen. Even better, why not come along one Sunday?

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Date Teacher Duration Media
Scripture Title
Sep 13, 2020 Stephen N Dancer 39:25
Luke 23:18-56 Suffered under Pontius Pilate, Was Crucified, Dead, and Buried
Sep 13, 2020 Stephen N Dancer 32:18
Matthew 12:15-21 What Kind of Messiah?
Sep 6, 2020 Stephen N Dancer 35:44
Matthew 1:18-28 Conceived by the Holy Ghost and Born of the Virgin Mary
Sep 6, 2020 Stephen N Dancer 32:45
Matthew 12:1-14 Are We the Baddies?
Aug 16, 2020 Stephen N Dancer 36:45
Mark 1:1-11 In Jesus Christ His Only Son Our Lord
Aug 16, 2020 Stephen N Dancer 24:26
Matthew 11:16-24 This Generation
Aug 9, 2020 Stephen N Dancer 42:39
Genesis 1:1-1 Maker of Heaven and Earth
Aug 9, 2020 Stephen N Dancer 29:7
Matthew 11:1-15 Seek Assurance from Jesus
Aug 2, 2020 Stephen N Dancer 40:56
John 1:1-18 In God the Father Almighty
Aug 2, 2020 Stephen N Dancer 29:1
Matthew 10:34-42 The Challenge to Have Jesus Above All
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